Cooking book "Along Via Egnatia"

 dish salad

Mrs. Engin Akin is a Turkish culinary expert. She had for eight years a radioprogram on cooking in Turkey. When you go out eating with her you are sure you get the best food, because everybody recognizes her from her programs. Engin not only loves cooking, she also loves people. She says:

Do we know that the dishes that we have grown up with their warming aromas and their ever comforting tastes are shared by so many people regardless of their nationality? To be intrigued by their similarity of other tastes in other geographies is also a way understanding our "self". I have made such a journey with the book I wrote with my co-author Mirsini Lambraki called Two Nations at the Same Table about Greek and Turkish Cuisine which was received with great enthusiasm in both countries. It opened a new door to enjoy each other around a table. A table which represented through the dishes of centuries of living together which I am sure did not consist only of wars but also of shared joys, in short of true friendship. The simple dishes that we cook today have gone from generation to generation each hiding stories about ourselves, our ancestry, our history and our mutual contribution to mankind through the culture of food.

Mrs. Engin Akin is now writing a cookingbook with recipes from all along Via Egnatia, from Italy to Istanbul. In cooperation with Via Egnatia Foundation she has visited Albania to gather recipes. She is very interested in local cooking and askss you for your favourite recipe. And she asks you what your mother cooked and your grandmother.

My journey which starts from Turkey and continues on to Italy on Via Egnatia passing through Greece, Northern Macedonia and Albania stems from the passion to find shared joys through tastes but I need the help of everyone.