Durrës Recommended: Hostel Durrës,  rruga (road) Grigo Durrsaku, next to the central square Sheshi Liria. Albanian, English, German and Dutch spoken. Shuttle service to starting point of VE possible. Via Egnatia on Foot for sale. Wifi available. Website, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. +355 (0)69 8916 810.
No addresses available. Contact Mr. Ismail, tel. +355 (0)68 3674 619, who can help you. Speaks Italian, is available as guide and has donkeys for rent.
Please inform us if you find a suitable address for accommodation.

As alternative for Mëmezot: hotel Wedding Palace on the other (W) side of the highway. Difficult to reach on foot because of high fence in central reservation. You can ask to collect you from the route.
Another hotel, Advin, tel. +355 (0)69 3870 555 or +355 (0)68 2778 999, can be reached on foot, L along the highway after 600m. You can ask to collect you from Memzote. To rejoin the route continue S and turn L after 200m. Turn R after the railway until you reach the VE track again.

Broshka Contact Shaban Gjevori, tel. +355 (0)69 2353 729, owner of a local cafe. The village will find you a place to stay. You can announce your arrival with an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to his son. Greek spoken in village.
Mirakë Ahmet en Lirie Hoxha, next to the bridge (S-side) over the Shkumbin river. Tel. +355 (0)68 2235 414, but they speak only Albanian. You can announce your visit to daughter Adela, tel. +355 (0)69 7907 070, who speaks English very well. Welcome with or without announcement.
Dardhë Camping next to school possible, as well as spend the night in the school with your own sleeping gear - please leave before school hours start!  Also for larger groups. For toilet, breakfast and shower (under construction) call on cafe opposite of the school. You can announce your visit to son Sandri, tel. + 355 (0)69 4583 504, who speaks some English and Greek.
Qukës no address available yet
Berzeshte Family Kocali along the route (in the guide Stage 3, Section 3 WP16), shortly before reaching the river in the valley.

(FYRo) Macedonia

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