Addenda and errata Via Egnatia on Foot, part I, 1st edition

All items in this list are pertinent to VE on Foot, 1st edition (2014), and have been corrected in the 2nd edition (2017).

See also Anita Raftery's blog for usefull information.

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3         ... Durrës to Istanbul must read: ... Durrës to Thessaloniki
23         Line 2-3: fourp-eriods must read: four periods
23         Below caption picture must read: (title) Before the Romans (new line) The Romans paved...
31         Line 10 from bottom: Clodiana must read Claudiana
33         Line 9-10 after heading 'Milestones: Polybios must read Polybius
48         Heading: Multi cultural must read Multi-cultural
65         City map Durrës: nr 2 is Museum. To all following numbers 1 must be added.
72   1   2 After Memzote there was a long section of path (between WP10 and 11) that was completely overgrown with very sharp brambles and thorny bushes. Given much more time this will be impassible (walkers 2016).
74   1   2 Between Memzote and Peqin the path is fenced. It can be passed but probably you are not welcome.
75   1   2 Just after WP20 in Hasdusk you pass a simple house. Beware of 3 aggressive dogs!
77   1   2 Line 4 above picture: lapidated must read dilapidated.
Hotel Maci is a bit more than 1km from the centre of Peqin.
80   2   1 Be careful at the railway track, especially when crossing the bridge! Train schedules may have changed (like more frequent) or trains may be delayed.
82   2   1 a - The person from Broshka mentioned in the book might not be willing to host you (reported twice).
b - The possible camping site in Broshka is now fenced and sheep graze inside. The bakery is closed. The café has a small shop (message from walkers - May 2015).
c - You probably have to stay at the hotel mentioned in the book.
83   2   2 "The path is blocked at WP7 I think by a landslip. We tried to rejoin it at WP8 but it was blocked there too"
(message by walker - March 29, 2015).
99   3   2 After WP7: we are advised to issue an extra warning for this passage. Please be very careful or avoid this part as described in the guide.
101   3   2 In Dardhë meals can be had in the bar behind the school next to the Internet point.
If you can't find a house to stay nor want to sleep in the school without sleeping gear, on the main road blow and 500m back is hotel Lokal Dashmash. For a small amount (400 lek) the owner can take you back up.
103   3   3 The family mentioned in the book tries to charge € 20 p.p.
106   4   1 Line 6: 100m should read 1000m.
107   4   1 Indications A and B on the map should be interchanged. Route A relates to directions B in the text and vice versa.
113   4   2 a - Before WP10: it is easier to go through the monastery grounds to keep to the lakeside path.
b - WP10: In Kalishta is a small camping with restaurant “Rino”.
114   4   3 Stage 4, Section 5 must read: Stage 4, Section 3.
116         The website address of the guided tours in Ohrid is not, but The site is now unreachable (Febr. 2017)
123   5   1 A shorter way to get to St Petka monastery: coming out of Ohrid turn right where the path exits onto the road up to Velosti. It's only 500m from there. One of our favourite overnight places (walkers 2016).
124   5   2 Line 9: plan must read plain. In winter the mountain range may be impassable due to snowfall. Please ask around in Ohrid.
125   5   2 Line 7: too must read to. In winter the mountain range (Diavato pass) may be impassable due to snowfall. Please ask around in Resen.
127   5   2 Line5: The 'overgrown' path is still passable. You can loose GPS-satelites in these woods. For navigation it is usefull to have a compass.
128   5   3 Line 1: use must read used.
Walkers (2016) took a taxi up to Sopotsko, didn't like Capari and walked on to Trnovo, which was doable.
129   5   3 Line 5: the R turn is at the second junction, not first (the map is correct and shows this).
133   5   4 Between WP22 and 23 you may have to wade through a stream.
135   5   4 In Trnovo there is a second hotel, just before that one mentioned, called hotel Sator.
153   6   2 The 'stream' (after WP6) may swell to an impassable river. Alternative crossing: the rail line viaduct to the SE (be careful!).
153   6   2 No place to stay at Neos Kavkasos nor Mesochori (reported twice). Advice to go from the border, Niki, straight to Florina.
162   7   4 "The path by the canal into Edessa is overgrown with brambles in places and it's very difficult to pass beside the weir.
After this the directions say straight on across the car park to the park but the GPS route diverts slightly to the north. It's not important but slightly confusing" (message from walker - April 7, 2015).
172   8   3 Line 2 from bottom: much must read many.
Around WP13 reportedly (2016) packs of large wild dogs did attack people!! Advice tro walk into Giannitsa along the highway. A dazer (high pitched sounds) may keep wild or other abandoned and annoying dogs at bay.
173   8   2 Line 23/24: backside must read rear
181   9   1 The hotel Galla seems to be closed for some time. There is a hotel in Chalkinona.
183   9   2 WP16: The end of May the bridge was flooded. Water levels made wading through impossible. A crossing tractor served for us as a ferry (message from walkers - May 2015).
214         Line 11 from bottom: Hohha must read Hoxha
219         Line 10 from bottom: stay your own sex must read stay with your own sex
224         Line 3: purifyication must read purification
(257)         Inside back cover: Stage 4, Section 4 must read: Stage 4, Section 3.