Via Egnatia trail Part II

Exploring Thessaloniki - Istanbul


Two researchers have been on the road in May 2015 to plot part two of the Via Egnatia hiking trail. Holger de Bruin and his friend Maarten Douze have have done the groundwork on foot from Thessaloniki to Kavala.
Every day in at first light they went on the road. At lunchtime they described their findings and then again walked a few hours. They carried a tent, so they could sleep wherever they wanted.

They have added 180 kilometres to the Via Egnatia hiking trail. It is a beautiful and varied route. Mountains, beaches, fields, rivers and lakes, excavations, beautiful cities, village squares, herds and castles, every day brought new surprises. They are particularly pleased to have been able to find very suitable routes in and out of the cities. In Kavala the route even enters the city on the old stone road!



Again Holger and Toon Pennings, also a member of the VE Foundation, explored a new section after Kavala in 2016. This time on bikes! In a only a week we could cover another 200 km to reach Mesti, about 100 km from the Turkish border. In Mesti starts an excavated part of old Via Egnatia, 7 km long.

This section goes mostly through plains, agricultural areas and interesting cities, along (and through!) rivers and canals, as well as some archaeological sites.

You are guaranteed to walk alone in the countryside, because it is not a touristic area. This also means accommodation outside the cities is hard to find. You have to bring night gear, except if you can cover 40 km a day to reach the next city.


Who wants to walk the route to test the new track and the description? Or to take the challenge to help with our research on the next stages?

If you are interested, please send us a message