Caravan tour Albania 2011

Mariëtta & Holger, Mirsa (squatting on the right) and 9 students from Elbasan
Holding hands on mountain wall
Attaching copy of VE picture in school Dardhë
At the waterfall
With typical VE median strip
Riding om Samir's horse
Snow on mountain tops
Short brake
Another of the many "hits" in Albania
Valley of Shkumbin river
Follow the road or taking a shortcut?
Shoulder to shoulder
Camping at Berzeshta
Lin at lake Ohrid
Lake Ohrid
Holger, Klemen, Lule, Marian, Toon, Samir
Goats on one of many bunkers
Lule with mule and Samir with horse and our luggage
Trail sign
Baby in the manger
Holger adds a new sign...
... and tries to avoid wet feet
Independent pathfinders
Warm hospitality