Culture Routes in Turkey shows many hiking trails in Turkey, including Via Egnatia.

Engin Akin is a specialist in Turkish and Balkan cooking. She prepares a Via Appia-Via Egnatia / Rome-Istanbul cookery-book and will have cooking sessions along Via Egnatia this summer 2012 (Engin's website).

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The Joint History Project of the CDRSEE (Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe) serves similar goals as we have with Youth and Education. An international team had written several history books about the Balkans. These books can be downloaded free from their their website and are available o.a. in Albanian, Greek, Macedonian and English (click the book in your language).




The Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) is the biggest field school in the region. Its program offers every year between 6 and 10 educative projects (all of them accredited by New Bulgarian University) in the areas of archaeology, cultural anthropology, folklore, art history, restoration and conservation of artifacts and monuments, fine arts and theology for students, scholars and volunteers from all over the world. For the last eight years Balkan Heritage projects were attended by 550 participants from 41 countries (click logo to visit website).
Since 2008 the BHFS is excavating in Heraclea Lyncestis (Bitola, Northern Macedonia) along Via Egnatia. Several staff members have participated in VEF projects. Dr. Ivan Vasilev is representative of Bulgaria in the Board of Consultation.




Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) is a nongovernmental organisation that - using the art of short film and new media - seeks to promote youth mobility and youth cooperation in the Balkans through dialogue, interaction and innovative learning. By joining BBB's activities the young people from the Balkans, while developing practical skills, learn to coexist, cooperate and overcome "borders". Balkans Beyond Borders serves its mission in four ways: film festivals, workshops, seminars and network development (click logo to visit website).


The Institute for Research and Archiving of Music (IRAM) in Skopje aims at digitalising the cultural heritage of Macedonia. It has an unparallelled collection of music, photos, research reports and other material. All this is available to the public to consult and to download. It is worth visiting their website. The director of the institute, Dimitrije Buzarovski, and several of his colleagues cooperate with the Via Egnatia Foundation.

Michele Fasolo is a participant in the Via Egnatia Foundation. He is an expert on the Via Egnatia and has published an impressive book on his findings. Here is the link to his website.