Via Egnatia board game


We are developing a Via Egnatia boardgame for schoolchildren, called ‘Caravan’. The children are traveling along the Via Egnatia as for example a merchant, a soldier, a musician or a shepherd. On the way to Istanbul they meet people from other countries, they have to answer questions, solve problems together, exchange knowledge and help each other, they have to do creative  tasks like building a kervansaray, cooking a well-known dish etc. In this playful way they get to know  their neighbours and their history better. The game will be part of a Via Egnatia-project on schools, with information for the teachers. It will be played in groups of 5 players in the classroom.
The content of the game is almost finished, so now professional game-makers have to produce the games for the schools. That will cost about € 15.000 for 100 games. We will keep you posted!
If you want to contribute to our efforts, donate to the bank account on the bottom of the page.



This is a provisionary self-made model of the Caravan-game