Presentation of our board game: CARAVAN Via Egnatia



In June 2024 our citizenship board game is presented in Bitola (North Macedonia) and Haarlem (The Netherlands). The involved schools played the game as the output of two year designing and testing. The game is now ready for dissemination by the Via Egnatia Foundation and the Macedonian Civic education centre.

In CARAVAN Via Egnatia, you take on the role of a traveller at the turn of the 19th century, making the month-long journey between the two ends of the Via Egnatia, Durrës and Istanbul. Originally built by the Romans in the second century to transport their armies, it continued to serve as a vital trade route when the Ottoman Empire stretched across most of the Balkan peninsula.

As one such traveller, you will have to balance your personal needs and goals with those of the group if you are to succeed in your journey. CARAVAN Via Egnatia is a game of competition and collaboration. You are free to travel alone if you are so bold, but your freedom may come at the expense of safety and opportunity. Should you choose to stick together with others as part of a caravan, you will have to surrender some of your freedom to work as a group, but you may be rewarded with a safer journey and more opportunities to score points by aiding fellow travellers.

For educational purpose a facilitators manual is added for those who wish to incorporate the Caravan VE game into educational environments, whether inside or outside the traditional classroom setting.


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