Myths about the other. Representations, social practices and performances.
International Conference Thessaloniki: February 24 - 26, 2011

Most lectures of this conference have been published in a free e-Book. See under publications

The Department of Balkan, Slavic and Eastern Studies (Macedonia University of Thessaloniki) in collaboration with Via Egnatia Foundation has organized an International Conference in Thessaloniki.

The conference was opened by the Rector of the University. Other welcoming speeches were delivered by Prof. F. Tsimpiridou of the University and Mrs. M. Van Attekum of the Via Egnatia Foundation, co-organiser of the conference (both on the picture).

We have explored past and present myths constructed and performed by the Balkan peoples in their attempt to deal with otherness within and beyond their familiar environment.

What primarily interests us is otherness as it is related to national self or ethnic status, as well as otherness engendered by religious, cultural and gender differentiation. We are also interested in practices related to otherness in the premodern world; such practices were negotiated within traditional structures and by historical minorities, but can also be identified in the contemporary, post-cold-war period, as well as the era of globalization and economic migration.

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The Via Egnatia Revisited - Reanimation of an old road
Start-up Conference, 20-22 February 2009

The proceedings of this conference have been published. Free download under publications

A working conference was held in Bitola, Northern Macedonia as a kick-off for the project. The conference was funded by the Dutch embassy in Skopje.

High on the hills of Pelister Park the conference started with heavy snowing and bad weather forecasts, so that many people were unable to come. Especially the Albanians had problems to reach the place, so we regretfully missed Mrs. Abazi, Mr. Ceka, Mr. Doja, Mr. Gedeshi and others. In spite of this on Thursday evening already the hall vibrated with talk and song, a promising sign!

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