We published the book Via Egnatia Revisited. Common past, common future with the lectures of the conference of February 2009 and some other articles.

Via Egnatia Revisited. Common past, common future.

Proceedings VEF Conference, Bitola 2009


2010, Driebergen: VEF; ISBN/EAN 978-90-811038-3-1, 104 pp.


  • Introduction, Marietta van Attekum
  • Opening speech VEF Conference, Bitola: About Spirit of Place
  • Part I: Looking for traces
    • Valter Shtylla: The Golden Gates of the Via Egnatia in the Balkans
    • Neritan Ceka: Via Egnatia in Albania
    • Viktor lilcik: Via Egnatia in the Republic of Macedonia
    • Zivojin Vincic: Contribution to the international scientific research project "Via Ignacia"
    • Yiannis Lolos: Via Egnatia: the Greek perspective
    • Mustafa Sayar: Via Egnatia on Eastern Thrace
    • Ilknur Kolay: Ottoman Caravanserais on Via Egnatia within the borders of present day Turkey
    • Ivan Vasilev: Via Egnatia in the Bulgarian history (a short historical overview)
  • Part 2: The cultural corridor
    • Raymond Detrez: Balkan cultural identity: the choice between the common and the particular
    • Konstantinos Giakoumis and Anna Chistidou: Image and Power in the Age of Andronicos II and III Palaiologos: Imperial Patronage in the Western Provinces of Via Egnatia
    • Dragica Zivkova: Via Egnatia during the Ottoman rule in the Ohrid region
    • Dimitris Gkintidis: Cross-border policies and networks in Greek Thrace (1995-2007)