Myths of the other in the Balkans
Representations, Social Practices, Performances

edited by Fotini Tsibiridou & Nikitas Poulantzas

ISBN: 978-960-8096-05-9
Thessaloniki 2013


  • Introduction -- Fotini Tsibiridou & Nikitas Palantzas
  • Opening Talk Conference “Myth About the Other” -- Marietta van Attekum
  • The Social Production of Difference in the Global Hierarchy of Value: Stereotypes and Transnational Experience in Greece and the Balkans -- Michael Herzfeld
  • The Other Town: How the Greeks and the Turks perceive mythical neighbours -- Hercules Millas
  • The Fanariote myth in Bulgarian historiography -- Raymond Detrez
  • The Hellenicity of the linguistic Other in Greece -- Peter Mackridge
  • Aspects of Greek “Myths” related to the Albanians during the Age of Nationalism -- Lambros Baltsiotis & Elias G. Skoulidas
  • Fear and Desire: Foreign women in Bulgarian National Mythology -- Nikolay Aretov
  • Macedon: Communicating the Reality or Myth? An Interrogation by the Provisions of Franklin Rudolf Ankersmit’s Theory on Aesthetic Political Representation -- Gjiorgji Kallinski
  • The Representation of the National Self and the Balkan People in Turkey’s New Textbooks -- Kenan Çayir
  • Pupils’ perceptions of the Balkan "other" -- Chrysa Tamisoglou
  • The Question of the Other in the reminiscences of former pupils of the Bulgarian secondary schools in Thessaloniki and Edirne -- Lyubomir Georgiev
  • "If on a cold winter night a foreigner...": Researching the perceptions of student kindergarten teachers about the ethnic Balkan "Other" -- Kostas Magos
  • Baba Noel and Yeni yil ağaç - Symbols of the myth of Christmas in schools of the Muslim minority -- Aristidis Sgatzos
  • Challenging the Bektashi tradition in the Greek Thrace: Anthropological and historical encounters -- Fotini Tsibiridou & Giorgos Mavrommatis
  • "Nahni wa xfendik" (We and the Others): Negotiation of multiple identities in the Maronite Community of Cyprus -- Maria Koumarianou
  • On Muslims, Turks and migrants: perceptions of Islam in Greece and the challenge of migration -- Venetia Evergeti & Panos Hatziprokopiou
  • A Muslim Saint or a Conqueror: Myths and the Religious Other -- Evgenia Troeva
  • Being Albanian in Greece or elsewhere: negotiation of the (national) self in a migratory context -- Ifigenia Kokkali
  • Markers of self-identity and the image of the Other in the context of labour mobility in Western Macedonia -- Petko Hristov
  • The immigrant self-perception, social status and the myths influence. A comparison study of the Albanian immigrant in Greece and Italy -- Zenelaga Brunilda, Kërpaçi Kalie & Sotirofski Kseanela
  • Paradoxes of "Otherness" in Greek Asylum Practice -- Eftihia Voutira
  • "Brothers" becoming "Others". The Greeks of Albania in Greece after 1990 -- Vassilis Nitsiakos
  • Balkan cinema in Thessaloniki International Film Festival 251 -- Dimitris Kerkinos
  • When the Dreams Come True (Bollywood Music and Dance in Bulgaria) -- Ivanka Vlaeva
  • "The Making of Balkan Wars" Virtually Articulating a Critique of Balkan Mythologies -- Anna Apostolidou
  • "İlk ve en önemli çevreci": Environmentalism and Secularism in contemporary Istanbul -- Aimilia Voulvouli
  • Singing or crying: dealing with the fear of ethnic, national, and engendered otherness in Macedonia, Greece -- Marica Rombou-Levidi
  • Non-European "Others"? A study on the stereotypical representations of Eastern Turks by citizens of Istanbul -- Nikitas Palantzas
  • The "national body": Language and sexuality in the Balkan national narrative -- Costas Canakis
  • The Balkan case of "otherness" in the political discourse -- Ana Chupeska
  • Annex
  • The Program of the Conference