Ask for tracks of the Via Egnatia


Book owners of Via Egnatia on foot Part 1 (Durrës - Thessaloniki) or Part 2 (Thessaloniki - Edirne) who have ordered the book via this website, as a rule also get the GPS-tracks by email. Owners who have lost the files or want an update with corrections and added cycling tracks can ask for new files. We probably have some information about you in our archives (email, invoice).

Book owners who bought the guide in a book shop or the shop's website or otherwise don't get the digital aids and have to apply for the tracks. In that case we need some proof that you indeed own the guide with a special quote from the book, a picture and the name of book shop.


Note: Only book owners can get the files.

Note: The files are under copyright limitations. Not to be published or copied, except for personal use in GPS-device, Smartphone, and the like.


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