Caravan tour Greece 2010

Dancing at village feast
Guide Theophilos and his herd
Marian betreen the mules
Evergreen mountains
Climbing to Vigla mountain top
Mules in downpour
At the horse farm Ksinonero
Carvan in plain near Florina
Toon whispers in horses ear
Only the horses get wet feet
Pontic lyra
Dancing in local cafe
Lake Vegoritis
View on plain from Edessa
Waterfall Edessa
Painting in university hall Thessaloniki
Old road or just rocks?
Walking on Via Egnatia Philippi: Fenneke, Ineka, Maria
Takis playing flute in amphitheatre Philippi
Via Egnatia Mesti
Via Egnatia Traianoupolis
Local accordeon players joining in with Frans in Alexandroupolis