author Zachariadou, Elizabeth (ed.)
title The Via Egnatia under Ottoman rule (1380-1699)
year 1996
location Rethimnon
publisher Crete University Press
ISBN 10, 13 960-524-017-3, 978-960-524-017-2

The Via Egnatia crossing the Balkans and stretching from the Adriatic to the Sea of Marmara constituted an axis of strategical and commercial importance for many centuries; it was also connected with cultural exchanges and population movements. The Institute for Mediterranean Studies organised a Symposium focusing on these problems and this volume contains seventeen papers presented at it.


Contents: Part 1
The Roman and Byzantine past. Trace et fonction de la Via Egnatia. Du IIe siecle avant J.-C. au Vie siecle apres J.-C., Anna Avramea
The Medieval Via Egnatia., Nikolas Oikonomides

Contents: Part 2
Under the Ottoman: Periods and problems of Ottoman (women's) patronage on the Via Egnatia., Tülay Artan

Seyyid' Ali Sultan d'apres les registres Ottomans: L'installation de l'Islam heterodoxe en Thrace., Irene Beldiceanu-Steinherr

The via Egnatia and Selânik (Thessalonica) in the 16th century, Melek Delilbasi

Vakifs along the Via Egnatia, Vassilis Demetriades

From Selanik to Manisa: Some information about the immigration of the Jewish weavers, Feridun M. Emecen

Ilyas Beg, i mütevellli e le origini di Corizza (Körçe / Görice), Aldo Gallotta

Routes et langues dans les Balkans, György Hazai

The Via Egnatia in the Ottoman Period: The menzilhanes of the Sol Kol in the late 17th / early 18th century, Colin Heywood

Ottoman building activity along the Via Egnatia: The cases of Pazargah, Kavala and Ferecik, Machiel Kiel

Les voies de penetration de l'heterodoxie Islamique en Thrace dans les Balkans aux XIVe - XVe siecles, Irene Melikoff

Patterns of trade along the Via Egnatia in the 17th century, Rhoads Murphey

Rodosto (extension en Marmara de la Via Egnatia) au XVIe siecle, Ilber Ortayli

The Via Egnatia under Ottoman rule, Traian Stoianovich

Avlonya (Vlore), une etape de la Voie Egnatia dans la seconde moitie du XVie siecle?, Gilles Veinstein

From Avlona to Antalya: Reviewing the Ottoman military operations of the 1380s, Elizabeth Zacchariadou