Help the school in Dardhë!

Front of school in Dardhë

Dardhë is a small village along the Via Egnatia in Albania. It has a school with 200 children and a very motivated team of teachers. The VEF has a special interest in this school: it will be involved in the Hiking Trail for information, accommodation, sanitation and monitoring.

To make this possible the building needs repair and some adaptation. At the moment the school is in very bad condition. The roof and the windows are leaking, the wood stoves smoke dangerously and the toilets are terrible, even to local standards. There is no electricity; in winter time it is sometimes to dark to read a book inside the school.

The cost of the repairs and adaptations are estimated at €40.000. A small amount to Western European standards, but the local government cannot afford it and on the national waiting list Dardhë is somewhere at the end.

The VEF launches the Dardhë school project to give the children:

  • A proper warm, dry and light learning environment;
  • Contacts with the outside world; hikers visiting Dardhë;
  • A stimulus to learn and an opportunity to practice their English;
  • Give them hope for a future in their own region.

The school will offer accommodation and sanitation for hikers and thus will earn income for regular maintenance of the school.

Please help us to raise €40.000 for this project. Please fill out our contact formand transfer your donation to our account quoting 'Dardhë'.