Via Egnatia on Foocovert  Part 2

A journey into history

From Thessaloniki into Turkey

(with car and bycicle travel tips)


Dear Via Egnatia friends,

The Via Egnatia Foundation is very proud to present the new book on the second part of the Via Egnatia. From now on you can do the ‘guided’ walking tour or bike trip from Thessaloniki to Edirne in Turkey. One can even do the trip by car.

Via Egnatia on foot, Part 2, covers a distance of more than 550 kilometers. The book starts just as our first book with practical tips for travellers (chapter 1) and a description of the history of the Via Egnatia (chapter 2). In chapter 3 all relevant aspects of the trail are described in a general way. For instance conditions of the road, description of the landscape and the practical use of the maps. In chapter 4 you will find detailed information on the original Via Egnatia stages of the trail; long distances are cut up into separate walking sections. Each stage/section provides a description and a map of the track, interesting historical and cultural facts and monuments, illustrated with beautiful pictures. At the end we present the traveller two options to enter Turkey: one leads you to Edirne, the other one crosses the border to Ipsala.

In general this trail is not difficult for walkers, although after heavy rain it may be less easy and circumstances may differ considerably, so some improvisation can be requested. Although our description aims at walkers, in chapter 5 we include special information for people who want to discover the Via Egnatia by bike or by car. In chapter 6 we give information on the historical and actual background of the region.

Both Via Egnatia books are meant for the traveller who is interested in the history and culture of the Balkans. The landscape is beautiful, there are many remnants of the interesting past, people are hospitable as ever, so you can expect a wonderful experience. If you want to know more about the people along the road and their history, you can find suggestions for further reading in appendix B. In appendix A we have included a list with useful words and expressions in Greek and in Turkish, so you will be able to communicate at a basic level with the people you meet on the way.

If you order the book you also receive the GPS-data. The third edition of our first book Via Egnatia on Foot, Part 1, is still for sale. We hope you will enjoy your trip as much as we did!

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Map  cover part2