Via Egnatia by bike

Tom Jones from Wales UK travelled Via Egnatia by bike in April/May 2015 from Durrës to Istanbul. See also Walkers experiences.

He used a touring bicycle (not an ATB, All Terrain Bike or mountain bike), which compelled him to use mainly the main roads.


This is what he wrote:


I have put together my cycling overview notes and tried to present it in a compact format for reading and printing.

I have not attempted to refer to the details contained in the ‘VE on foot’ book and I have used my cycling ‘mindset’ to set out the itinerary and routing descriptions.

If you have any thoughts or comments about how it could be improved do please let me know. If it doesn't fit with your VE Foundation principles just say so - I realise it is quite different to the journey by foot.

I am also intending to prepare the same overview for the Via Appia (Rome to Bari) which I have purposefully kept separate from this one on the VE. Both might be of interest to the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Jerusalem whom I will contact when I have completed the VA overview.




We want to publish his report without any changes in the content for the benefit of cyclists who want to share his experience, whom we still advice to have our guide at hand if they want to explore more of the trajectory as laid out for walkers.


Other cyclists are invited to share their experiences as Tom did.


Download his report


Thanks Tom