Supporting organizations and experts

Committee of Recommendation
Dr. Max van der Stoel - advisor OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe), former advisor UNHCR, former Minister Foreign Affairs, Minister of State, The Netherlands. (Deceased, April 2011)
Dhr. G. Barbullushi - ambassador of Albania, The Netherlands
Mr. Ronald Bimo - former ambassador of Albania, The Netherlands
Mrs. Simone Filippini - former ambassador of the Netherlands, Skopje, Northern Macedonia
Prof. Dr. Neritan Ceka - archaeologist, specialist on Via Egnatia, Member of Parliament, University of Tirana, Archaeological Museum, Tirana
Prof. Dr. Pazko Kuzman - archaeologist, specialist on Via Egnatia, director of cultural heritage-protection office, Ministry of Culture, Skopje
Prof. Dr. Antonis Liakos - historian, modern Greek history, University of Athens
Prof. Dr. Raymond Detrez - historian/linguist, University of Gent and K.U. of Leuven
Mrs. Noortje Pelgrim - journalist, former correspondent in Athens and Istanbul and chief editor NOS-TV-news, the Netherlands
Mrs. Sophie in 't Veld, europarliamentarian

Board of Consultation

  1. Albania

    Mr. Suleyman Dashi - Monumental Service, Tirana
    Prof. dr. Sokol Shupo - musicologist, Academia d'Arte, Tirana
    Prog. Dr. Walter Stuela - archaeologist, specialist on Via Egnatia, Tirana

  2. Northern Macedonia

    Dr. Todor Cepreganov - director of Institute of National History, Skopje
    Dr.Zivoin Vincic - archaeologist, Museum of Cultural Heritage, Skopje
    Mr. Dimitrije Buzarovski - director of IRAM, Skopje

  3. Greece

    Prof. dr. Yiorgos Angelopoulos - ethnologist, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki
    Mrs. Dr. Fotini Tsibiridou - anthropologist, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

  4. Turkey

    Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sayar - historian, Director of South-Eastern Research Institute, University of Istanbul

  5. Bulgaria

    Dr. Ivan Vasilev, archaeologist, Balkan Heritage Field School

VEF board
Mrs. Marietta van Attekum - chairwoman & coordinator, Netherlands
Mr. Toon Pennings - treasurer, Netherlands
Mrs. Paula Jansen - member, Netherlands

There are also several working groups in different fields with different themes.
Among the participants are numerous scientists and students of various disciplines, like archaeology, history, sociology, anthropology, political sciences, musicology, besides artists, journalists and others from the 4 countries along Via Egnatia en Western Europe, often representing the institute or NGO they work for.