Friends of Via Egnatia

If the work of Via Egnatia Foundation appeals to you, become Friend and Supporter of Via Egnatia!


For only €20 annually you are FRIEND. You help to realize the goals of VEF and you will be informed by the Newsletters.
Of course, any amount smaller or larger is welcome.

VEF wants to carry out several PROJECTS along the road in Albania for which money has to be raised.
We have established a relationship with the primary school in Dardhë which is in desperate need of improvement (Read more...)!
Parts of the track in Albania need maintenance, because it is quite hazardous to pass there now.
Inhabitants of villages have to be stimulated and helped to provide Bed & Breakfast for walkers.

Transfer your donation to the VEF bankaccount (all information: see bottom of this page) and please fill in this contact form.
The VEF is officially recognized as a charitable goal: your gifts are deductable from your taxes.

Business companies and institutions who consider sponsoring the VEF: please contact coordinator.



First of all you support the Via Egnatia by WALKING along the road.
A guide bookwhich covers the trail from Durrës in Albania to Thessaloniki in Greece is published by the VEF. Experience the beauty of the landscape, enjoy the exercise, meet the friendly Albanians and leave some money for the hospitality.
Walking other parts of Via Egnatia and sharing your findings with us can help us to extend the mapping of the road and build connections with local people who should benefit from this historical landmark.

You can become a member of a local support group like the one that has recently been established in Turkey.

If you are a musician and like to play Balkan music: several musicians are allready involved. Read more...about the music group.

You can become a member of Via Egnatia Friends. Follow the link above to our Facebook group.

For any other way for supporting the VEF you can think of, please contact our coordinator (see menu above: Contact).